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Barbara L. Thomas, poet & non-tribal Cherokee whose 6th book is Quiescence:

Backstroking All Night in the Starpool is Nancy Rose's love song encapsulating both loss and recovery -- A true poet, she writes of a friend's memorial service --

A full moon illumines the snowy Missions
And wisps of white fog sweep the highway

Many venues are present in this wide ranging collection from the poet known playfully as the Kentucky flower.

Jana Goodman:

Front to back. Page by page. Poem by poem. What a wonderful collection! I felt your presence in so many tender and fiercely passionate ways, how you embrace the love of nature, dance, song, relationships and connections — not excluding sadness, which is always part of any mix. Thank you so much for gifting this book and letting me get a first-read hot off the press! 

In your forward you say: "There is also satisfaction when a poem works for others." My friend, be well satisfied! My book is already dog-eared.

BJ Carlson:

I just might need some more [copies] as I keep thinking of people that would enjoy your wonderful book. I wrote in my journal about it because you are so talented at getting to the heart of the subject, making meaningful connections and creating wonderful images and memories for me. And isn’t that what we are all searching for — meaning, connections and memories. Thank you for your gift of poetry!!

Amazon Customer "Montana Man":

Beautifully written, heartfelt poetry from a Kentucky girl who's lived in Montana most of her adult life. Nancy Rose's poetry is refreshing, unfiltered, and transcendent — like sipping Kentucky bourbon sitting on the porch of a Montana lake home. 

Amazon Customer "MikeH":

Her poetry is beautiful, healing, honest, humorous, kind and made feel like I was home with my best friend sharing everything. Much of her writing is profoundly thoughtful, and created scenes in my mind completed by emotions that come with memories of what has been learned. Like walking in the light without apology. Love reading her poems over and over. 

Amazon Customer "Melanie Nelson":

I have been backstroking in this book every night and loving it. I have been touched, inspired and healed by the poems themselves and the thoughtful arrangement. Nancy Rose is a modern-day Medicine Woman of prose. 

Amazon Customer "Kathy of Kentucky":

Word scenes, vivid
Word sounds, clear
Word fragrance, honeysuckle sweet
Heart words, soul touching
All these are found in a spectacular night
Of backstroking in the starpool

Amazon Customer "mariya":

Nancy Rose is not just an eloquent writer and observer - she transcends the written word to make the reader feel enveloped into her world, her observations, emotions and varying environments. This collection offers wit, sorrow, laughter, reflection and a little bit of surprise. I absolutely love it and will return to it time and time again for words of wisdom, human connection, and peaceful sensation.

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